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Youth Is Wasted On The Young!

By Dorianna | Body

Don’tcha think?

Do you think that as you age, you will become ‘elderly,’ exhausted, debilitated with aches and pains and sickness? That you’ll feel isolated and unloved, with worsening symptoms as time passes, even before you are able to live your Dreams?

What if you could regain and retain youthfulness in mind and body, be ageless and live way beyond the current life expectancy? Youth Is Wasted On The Young!

I call this Youthing or Youthifying.

Youthing will allow you to take control of your own rejuvenation in a natural way, relying on your own intuition.

You will help yourself to be healthier and be an example to educate your children, family, friends.

When you allow your body to degenerate, you hurt others by perpetuating the idea that we have to wither away. On top of that, you deprive them of your vibrant energy and essence.

When you are youthing, you will be enjoying your life more fully with your family, friends and career.

Otherwise, you will just let your belief that you have to ‘get old’ take it’s toll and you will go down the path of pain and isolation.

This is how I define Anti-Aging or Youthing:

The most well known anti-aging concept today focuses on substances, such as cosmetics or supplements, and procedures that are intended to prevent or limit the process of becoming old.  Terms like Youthing, Agelessness, Life Extension and Immortality add new levels to our awareness.  They go beyond ‘Fighting or Retarding Aging’ to having the quality of being timeless and eternal, with physical and mental characteristics that make you appear young for your chronological age.

Our bodies are innately wired to remain youthful.  It is programmed into our genes. There are lights in every cell, and they each have a dimmer switch.  Some turn way up and get overactive and others just fizzle out, causing aging symptoms.  Our genes are responsible for about 20% of our expression, such as eye and hair color, etc.

The other 80% is influenced by ‘Epigenetics’: what we are exposed to and what goes into our bodies, minds, and emotions and stays in our cellular memory. The good news is that by becoming aware and putting our attention on those things, we can set our intention to make conscious choices to regenerate our bodies as the cells are constantly being renewed.

Youthing works by showing that you can put your awareness on the ways you are using your body and your daily habits, which are mostly unconscious, and evolve them to be more efficient and comfortable, and less stressful.

You start in the morning with the Wake Up Wiggles to turn on the light in each cell.

Then do the Fountain of Youth Exercises to check all body parts for feedback.

Throughout the day you will use simple tweaks to maximize your

  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Appearance
  • Sleep.

Our Youthing plan fits seamlessly into your daily routine, without taking up more of your precious time to incorporate the activities. And there’s no need to pay for expensive products or invasive procedures.

You can stick to the Youthing plan by following the steps above.

One thing that stops most people from sticking to a plan is not putting it into practice right away and not continuing to pay attention until the new habit is ingrained.

Another is being overwhelmed by too much to do.

And the one that is most important is the Belief System that says we don’t have any control over the aging process of deterioration of our body and mind.

You can overcome these deterrents by following our gentle step-by-step system – one step at a time.

You will be more aware of the feedback your body is giving you –  how you are feeling and how to make choices to have more vitality and less pain.

When you follow the Youthing steps, here are some of the outcomes you can enjoy.

You will:

  • Suffer fewer aches and pains without using drugs
  • Have better flexibility and stamina to enjoy activities like dancing or playing with your kids and grandkids
  • Feel more love for yourself and everyone else
  • Be more romantic with your partner
  • Move more gracefully
  • Have more confidence and higher self-esteem
  • Feel more fulfilled in your work
  • Have more free time for self-care
  • Enjoy more fun activities with those you love

This won’t work if you are looking for Done-To-You procedures, or if you are not willing to focus on enriching your own life from the inside out.

Because of career paths and personal circumstances, some women are waiting until they are older to start their families.  One of my sisters became a grandmother when she was 35.  I became one when I turned 70. Because I have adopted the principles of Youthing, I am excited to be able to travel to see my grandbaby to run around and play with her and soak up her delightful essence.  I know I will be able to do this for many years to come.

I feel energized, adaptable and full of life and love. I want her to feel this way as she grows and no matter what your chronological age, I want you to have youthfulness and agelessness as time goes by.

Do yourself and the world a favor.

Go to antiageu.com and enroll yourself in Better Body Basics 101 to install your own plan for a healthy, vibrant life.